We have been in the energy saving business for many years. Our holistic approach to sustainability and our in-house     professional know-how means we use discernment to select products and provide services that optimize outcomes.  

Our Clients' Advantages are many: to the bottom lines with lower energy, cooling and maintenance bills; improved OHS issues; enhanced built environment with better lighting design; plus good for the earth:                                   whether commercial, industrial, public buildings or residential, inside or out. 

LEDs are now much talked about, but still not fully understood. This relatively new technology is changing the way we use lights for tasks, ambiance, display or drama situations and even by time of day. 


LEDs transform a space to reflect the needs and wishes of the moment and open up a new world of  possibilities. We have the know-how to achieve those possibilities. 

The range of LED lights is huge and with our expertise we select the right one for you. Choices include beam angle, Kelvin (the LED colour e.g. warm white), brightness (high for task areas, low for ambiance), longevity (only pay for what you need), voltage (240V, 24V or 12V) and type of fitting  to suit your site. Talk to our lighting designer today or send an email to info@leds-r-us.com.au

The Benefits: In a CO2 hungry world, where energy prices are rising, LEDs readily deliver energy savings of 70% with short term payback periods.  Ask about the incentives to upgrade your lighting and energy systems. We offer energy audits and outline the costs and payback periods whether you are the building owner or tenant and we help with government paperwork. These are the solutions to energy usage in the 21st Century. Be part of the future.

Call 1300 308 823 if you want to discuss a lighting design or lighting audit 
for your commercial, industrial or public space.

If you want to buy on line from our range of quality products then click onto www.ecolightingcentre.com.au 

Browse this site for further insights into our LED and low energy ranges and our services.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Alistair Duncan - Principal , MSc DesSc (Illlumination Design) MBA Grad Dip CSP                                   

LEDS-R-US has the capability to predict lighting system performance for any application and easily meet the BCA guidelines or BASIX requirements.  

Government grants are also available for commercial sites to change over to a lower energy foot-print. 

LEDS- R-US offers Limitless lighting opportunities to enhance Interior or exterior, home, office, retail, hotel, industrial, roadway, car-park, garage, swimming pool, garden, gallery. 

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